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Water Resistance Through and Through

FluteSHIELD™ and SurfSHIELD™ leave no paper carton parts exposed to water damage.

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FluteSHIELD™ Corrugated Medium

Replace your existing medium with FluteSHIELD’s wax-free, water-resistant and recyclable corrugated medium.

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SurfSHIELD Coatings

SurfSHIELD™ Coatings

Preserve your product with recyclable and repulpable coatings.

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Coating & Lamination Solutions

Preserve & Protect

FluteSHIELD™ corrugating medium resists water, moisture and leaks without wax. Give your carton all the integrity it needs to protect your product and the environment. Used in concert with SurfSHIELD™ coated and laminated sheets, it can replace curtain coated and cascaded wax corrugated boxes.

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SurfSHIELD™ coatings keep water and oil stains from penetrating packaging, preserving fresh looks. Our coating and laminate solutions provide take-out food and bakery release boxes with functional barriers and properties that ensure safe travels, and a fresh appetizing appearance.

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Sustainable Solutions

Our folding carton boards treated with resin - or aqueous based coatings - are also recyclable and repulpable.

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Roll Packaging Solutions

The ultimate Moisture Barrier

For printers and converters, cold or wet weather conditions mean higher chances of receiving water-damaged paper. The Dry-Tech™ moisture barrier system protects products, profits and customer satisfaction through the paper, printing and converting supply chain.

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Proof of Performance

Our mill trials show that rolls emerged undamaged after being sprayed with water or submerged for 24 hours.

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For Immediate Release

Cascades Sonoco Receives Prestigious OSHA Certification for Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health

Tacoma, Washingon facility awarded Star Level certification in voluntary protection program, affirming employee and management commitment to creating a safe workplace. Read the full press release here.

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